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Situated 20kms east of Walcha is some of the most remarkable scenery in Eastern Australia. The magnificent Apsley Falls which plummet into the Apsley Gorge form part of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. The sheer sides of the gorge present the visitor with breathtaking views from the many vantage points around the gorge rim. The area features a number of significant Aboriginal sites.

In addition, the Tia Falls, 44km east of Walcha, occupies one of the most beautiful gorge sites on the New England’s eastern escarpment. The Macleay Gorges Wilderness Area and the Werrikimbe National Park provide a pleasant escape for solitude, bush walking, canoeing or fishing.

Riverside, in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, is the only area in Australia where visitors can gain vehicular access (4WD only) to a wilderness core.

Walcha has a great array of accommodation available; choose from motels, farm stays or B&B.

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  Walcha Visitor Information Centre
  51W Fitzroy Street
  NSW 2354
  Phone: (02) 6774 2460
  Web: www.walchansw.com.au
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