Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat

Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat is a magnificent 968 acre forested property situated in a unique, serene forested location 43km north-west of Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia. It adjoins the World Heritage forests of Mt Hyland Nature Reserve and is surrounded by vast wilderness areas of State Forests and National Parks, offering spectacular scenery.

We offer accommodation for individuals, couples, families as well as groups of up to 30 people. Our facilities and our beautiful place here in the forest is also available for workshops and retreats for those wishing to connect deeply to the earth and within themselves.

We have six types of rainforest communities and eight open forest communities surrounding our Lodge and the adjoining Mt Hyland Nature Reserve.  There are many species of plants and animals present here, all living in their native habitats, and some of them rare and endangered: over a 100 species of birds; koalas, wallabies, pademelon, echidna, platypus, possums, gliders, dingo, kangaroos, bandicoots, quoll, 10 types of frog (5 endangered), and a variety of reptiles, just to mention a few.

Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat supports a wide variety of workshops and retreats.  Through the years we have many events and activities, including:  yoga/meditation retreats, workshops on bush/survival skills, wilderness awareness and bush foods, forest ecology, native philosophies, deep ecology, outdoor education, field study programs, school camps, environmental gatherings, youth programs, arts and crafts and  weddings.

Discover why nature-lovers, environmentalists and adventure-seekers have enjoyed Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat for many years. We welcome individuals and groups to enjoy the warm hospitality of Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat and discover the spirit and wonders of the wilderness.