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Waterfall Way Somewhere high on the New England Tableland rain is falling. A little creek flows across the high pastures and through forests until it plunges over a waterfall. Ancient mossy forests, a remnant from Gondwana, drip with water. Shady rainforests drink their fill. The stream grows wider and deeper as it approaches the coast. High above the trees, a sea eagle soars searching for fish in the water below.

Winding slowly now, the river fills the wetlands where black swans nest. Tiny fish dart through the waters of an estuary edged with mangroves. The estuary gives way to surf tumbling on to a wide sandy beach and further out, in the ocean at the edge of the continental shelf, a humpback whale is calling to her calf.

This is the Waterfall Way, an awe inspiring journey from the high tablelands of New England through the rainforests and down to the Coffs Coast. It is home to many rare and

endangered plants and animals that live in an incredible variety of habitats. It is a new journey for you to explore and a new story to experience.

This website will give you a sample of the Waterfall Way. Here you can start to explore the places and learn about the incredible landscapes to be found along its Tableland, Hinterland and Headlands of the Waterfall Way. Find where to stay and eat. Discover the unique regional festivals and events. If you register, you will be able to save and print your personalised itinerary.

Have a look at our web Gallery to see the beauty of our natural environment expressed by local artists and photographers. Journey with the waters across the region and start to understand the diversity of climate, landscapes and activities you can engage in, along the Way.

People who live across the Waterfall Way are keen to welcome you and share their stories, their places and their produce. Learn about their values and the ethos that charter sustainable tourism activity in the region. Each journey is like a story that leaves you wanting to know what happens in the next chapter. It’s a story you can come back to again and again, discovering more each visit. Take your time and the Waterfall Way will unfold for you with new people and places that are worth slowing down to experience…

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