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At 1320 metres above sea level, Guyra is the highest town on the tablelands. Visitors can enjoy a diverse blend of recreational activities from relaxed farm stays, bed and breakfasts, trout fishing, bird watching, fossicking and bush walking.

Aboriginal people have lived in the area, used the resources and managed the environment for thousands of years. The evidence can be found throughout the area. There are several rock art sites depicting animals and tools and axe grinding groove sites where stone axes were sharpened.

Streams around Guyra are well known for trout fishing and as long as you ask and do not litter or light fires, you are welcome. Sandy Creek, Ollera Creek, Moredun Creek, Rockvale Creek and Boorolong Creek are all good spots. Fossickers can find sapphires, jelly bean crystals and grass stone at Stannifer. Sapphires and topaz can be found in the Sara River near Kookabookra.

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  Guyra Visitor Information Centre
  New England Highway
  NSW 2365
  Phone: (02) 6779 1876
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