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Getting around

Where you travel and how you travel can make a big difference to the places and the people your visit on holiday. By taking a holiday in the country where you live you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions caused by international air travel. By using public transport instead of driving you’re also reducing carbon emissions. Walking, cycling or kayaking for part of your holiday will help too. If you want to make your holiday carbon neutral there are organisations you can buy carbon offsets from, for example see:

Where to stay

Choosing environmentally-friendly accommodation is only part of being a green traveller. It’s as much about what you do during your stay as it is about recycling water and garbage. Think about your water use and keep your showers short. Turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. If you’re staying in a rural area your accommodation may be using tank water that relies on rainfall to keep it topped up. If you’re staying several nights then hang up your towel after use rather than having changed every day, that saves power and water with reduced laundry needs. You can also help to save power by turning off electrical devices and lights when you leave your room. Ask about your accommodation’s recycling needs and sort your garbage to help.

Out and about

Think local. By buying locally you’re putting money back into the community you’re visiting. Try local food and wine, eat at locally-owned cafes and restaurants. Look for locally-made items for souvenirs, markets are a great way to find locally-made products and meet the people who make them. Join tours led by local operators who know the area well. They can guide you to the best places and tell you the local stories that make the place special. Respect the environment. If you’re going walking, follow existing trails to reduce erosion and take your rubbish back with you. Follow National Parks guidelines for bush camping and fires. Don’t feed the native animals as they can develop diseases from human food or may become dependant on handouts.

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