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Guyra to Urunga

From the top of the range at Guyra down 1330 metres to the sea at Urunga you’ll ride across high tablelands, take a steep descent through the rainforest and follow the coastal rivers to the sea. All but 4km of the road is sealed and most of the ride is on quiet backroads with little traffic. It’s a good idea to avoid mid-winter when it can be snowing at Guyra and summer holidays when the traffic is heavier.
You won’t need camping gear because you’ll find accommodation and places to eat each night. Visit the Waterfall Way website for information on public transport.

A new story a new journey

Waterfall Way

Day one: Guyra to Ebor – 83km.

Start Guyra 1330 metres. Guyra is at the top of the Great Dividing Range but that doesn’t mean it’s all downhill. The ride to Ebor is across the tablelands with many undulations. There are no food or water stops so you’ll need to carry whatever you require for the ride.
Leave Guyra along Ollera Street East (east side of the New England Highway) and turn into the Ebor Road following the signs to Ebor. Follow this road all the way to the Waterfall Way, then turn left there and ride 4km to Ebor. It’s worth stopping at Ebor Falls to see the waterfall.
You’ll find overnight accommodation and food in Ebor but it is best to book in advance.

Day two: Ebor to Dorrigo – 57km.

Start Ebor 1300 metres. Today you’ll notice more downhills as you drop nearly 600m to Dorrigo. The environment changes as you descend through moist forests lining the road. There is a small shop at Tyringham where you can buy food and drink. Ride through Ebor along the Waterfall Way for 9km, then turn left on the road to Grafton through the localities of Hernani and Glen Fernaigh. Tyringham is 30km from Ebor and 1km off your route, so if you decide to visit the shop you will need to return the way you came and then turn east along the Tyringham Road to Bostobrick. Follow the road to Bostobrick and then through North Dorrigo to Dorrigo. There is a good choice of places to stay and eat in Dorrigo, and you can visit Dangar Falls, just north of town.

Waterfall Way

Day three: Dorrigo to Urunga – 58-62km depending on route.

Start Dorrigo 760 metres. You’ll lose most of your altitude on the first 14km of today’s ride as you descend through the rainforest on the Waterfall Way. Take special care on this section as the road is narrow and winding, and you may need to stop and allow other vehicles to pass. Bellingen has plenty of places to stop for lunch. Descend on the Waterfall Way from Dorrigo towards Thora but turn left before you reach Thora along Summervilles Road (14km from Dorrigo) to stay on the north bank of the Bellinger River. There are two unsealed sections of about 4km in total along this road. Follow the road left to Gordonville and turn right at the Gleniffer crossroads to follow the Gleniffer Road to Bellingen (35km), then either stay on the north side for North Bank Road or cross the bridge over Bellinger River to the south side for South Arm Road.

Option one: North Bank Road.

Bellingen to Urunga 23km. Total 58km. From the roundabout on the north side of Bellingen bridge follow Wheatley Street which becomes North Arm Road. This road leads through dairy country and there are good views back to the mountains. After 12km from the roundabout follow the road under the Pacific Highway, then turn right to cross a bridge over the Bellinger River. Then turn left and follow North Street and Yellow Rock Road. As you approach Urunga, turn left into Vernon Crescent. At the end of the road take the walkway down to the river and then up the ramp to the highway. Cross the bridge over the river then turn left (don’t cross the highway) and follow the road down hill. Turn left and cross the railway bridge and follow the road to the centre of Urunga.

Waterfall Way

Option two: South Arm Road to Urunga 27km.

Total 62km. This ride includes a one-and-a-half km climb up Hospital Hill out of Bellingen. Head southwest out of Bellingen on Church Street then up Bowraville Road. Turn left onto South Arm Road and follow this road along the north bank of the Kalang River. Turn right onto Short Cut Road which comes out on the Pacific Highway. Cross the highway, turn right and ride into Urunga. There are places to stay and eat in Urunga and connections to rail and bus.

“I enjoy the continuous challenge of cycling and especially in our area where each ride is an adventure. The landscape varies from open farmland and dairy farms to forests, rainforests, rivers, creeks with creek crossings and magnificent tall trees, some 400 years old.
The views looking over the rolling hills of the Great Dividing Range are magnificent and seem to beckon you to come and ride over them. The views over the rolling hills of the farmland, particularly in spring when the grass is lush, are superb. Rides through the rainforest sections are always cool with ample bird and animal life.
On one ride we encountered two beautiful lyrebirds in the middle of the road and they didn’t move but just stared at us as we rode past. “

George Hudson, Urunga

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