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The fertile, picturesque lushness of the Bellinger Valley charms residents and visitors alike. The clear waters of the Bellinger and Kalang Rivers meander through the green valley offering superb swimming and recreation opportunities. The rivers provide a spectacular backdrop to the thriving cosmopolitan town of Bellingen.

Bellingen is at the epicentre of an extraordinarily creative and active population. For a small town it offers visitors a rare combination of rural charm, rich architectural heritage, and thriving cosmopolitan culture. Beautifully restored heritage buildings line the streets like a movie set, providing great ambient spaces for the eclectic range of shops.

The high level of musical interest and creative ability of many residents has fostered an incredible range of festivals and musical events in the region. The festivals showcase an impressive range of Australian and international acts while the monthly Bellingen Markets attracts great crowds to sample an impressive range of regional products.

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  Bellingen Visitor Information Centre
  PO Box 514 Bellingen
  NSW 2454
  Phone: (02) 6655 1522
  Web: www.bellingermagic.com
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  Web: Bellingen Shire Council
  Web: Global Carnival
  Web: Bellingen Jazz + Blues Festival
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